In the beginning, sort of.

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I find it important for my readers to know why I am documenting my experience. Being 7 years old and watching my dad hang the bronze leather heavy bag did something to me. It’s not that he was in the sun room training every day or inspiring me to do the same. Quite the contrary. That bag would hang unused for years. Occasionally I would see my pops come out and put in work. Starting with a few light taps that gained momentum as minutes passed. My family would tell me about the time in the late 70’s when my dad was a fighter. I would pay more attention to those stories hanging on to every detail that they would reveal about his past. What happened? My love and respect my father is unchanged. Every fiber of his being told to live and work for his family and with that he made sacrifices. He had children, got married, and chased his version of the american dream.

At 25 years I have found myself working 40 hours a week staring at a monitor. I enrolled in a 2 year college that I would not brag about. Feeling stuck I started to look for something. My father had his own motivators when he turned to boxing. He’s always encouraged me to go to a boxing gym and pursue some of his pastimes. Considering this I kept my eyes open for a local gym to train but I had not fully committed to the idea of boxing. Let’s not be coy, I am a rather large man! Several of my close friends trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dismissing the martial art as something I just would not be able to do I kept searching. Some of my closest friends would talk about their former training like it was the glory days. I decided to give it a shot.

I attended class at Gracie Barra Georgia and really enjoyed myself. Like so many before me, I feel hooked. Going several times a week on top of a full-time work and full-time school has proven itself to be a challenge. I know it will be worth it. I lost about 100lbs this year eating healthier and lifting heavy things up and down. Carrying my fitness goals into this gym seems right. After a few fundamentals classes I decided that I would document my experience with training online. When I started loosing weight and choosing a healthier lifestyle that felt like a beginning for me. I don’t have any grandiose statement about what BJJ has done for me or how it has immediately changed my life. I can tell there is something undefinable that is helping me when I go. So this is a new beginning for me, sort of.


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