A few days in…

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today was one for training. Waking up from an all to real nightmare I roll over to check the time on my phone. Luckily, I have already set my mind to training this fine Tuesday morning. I don’t want to. My king size bed is warm and tempts me to lay their stagnant in the complacency that feels all too comfortable.  Jumping up I know that I need to get a move on it. It is important that I go train this morning. I am going to try my best to leave the emotional hangover from overnight at the scene of the crime. In bed. Luckily, I speak to my coach and class has been bumped about 15 minutes. Class was taxing as I struggle through the warm ups! I know that I will get the hang of it over time and it reaffirms that this is where I belong. I feel better than I have in months.

Normally, today would have been my chest day at the gym. My vanity mocks me as I regret not lifting heavy things up and down. Instead I go with a good friend to run the trails at Kennesaw Mountain. After discussing my lifting schedule with a few people I decide to change it. My 4 day split isn’t going to cut it if I want to condition myself for BJJ. I am already satisfied with a good day at Gracie Barra. The sprints I do at the mountain are an added bonus. I know how unconditioned I currently am. I can feel it the last 15 seconds on every minute sprint I have set for myself.  The prospect of improving my wind is going to be a challenge. I am still overly enthusiastic about my training in general. It goes to show how my head can go from such a dark place upon rising to finding a new outlook after my workout. Writing this I take a small personal inventory of what transpired in the last 24 hours. Today was a good day.


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